1 TAUT = 0 CHF

Tresor Gold Token

gold-backed stablecoin


Secure and transparent digital voucher on Ethereum and Polygon to obtain physical gold — 1 TAUT is 1 gram of physical gold

About TAUT


Gold in Liechtenstein

Our company Tresor-Token AG, and the gold behind the TAUT tokens, is based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is a long-established, very stable, secure, and favorable financial center.

Protection by law

Liechtenstein has a comprehensive regulation of the token economy. The legislation on the issuance of cryptocurrencies is one of the most modern, but also the most stringent — with strict controls. Token holders are protected regardless of country of residence.

Protection from corporate bankruptcy

If Tresor-Token AG goes bankrupt, the gold does not fall into the bankruptcy estate: all the gold is pledged to the holders of the tokens. The bankruptcy trustee would make a call to all token holders so that they can collect their gold.

Protection from a gold ban

In the last 100 years, practically all major countries have prohibited the private ownership of gold in the face of a crisis. TAUT holders own a tokenized voucher to obtain physical gold, but not the gold itself.In case of a gold ban, token holders can continue using the tokens.


Transparent business model

Tresor-Token AG has to pay the storage fee for storing the gold in the high-security storage facility, and also the insurance against theft or other loss. In addition, we have expenses for the administration and operation. We will collect an annual fee of 2.5% to cover these costs, which is transparently defined in the smart contract.

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Vault location

The gold bars behind the TAUT tokens are stored in an individual safe custody of a high-security storage facility - Trisuna Lagerhaus AG, Schliessa 16, 9495 Triesen, Liechtenstein

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TAUT is a secure and transparent stable coin

Reporting to FMA

We are supervised and regulated by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) Liechtenstein. Tresor-Token AG obtains all necessary licenses for token issuence, and reports all token issuance to the Financial Market Authority.

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Financial audit

The worldwide audit firm checks at regular intervals whether the number of grams of gold stored for our company corresponds to the number of tokens issued. This guarantees that every token owner has his token deposited with real gold.

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Easy to buy tokens after registration and verification

Working with experts

We work exclusively with professional law and audit companies. Advices are received from high-profile blockchain technology experts.

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